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Welcome to My Core Support newsletter issue! We are very excited to launch this newsletter which will keep you up to date with our most recent news, important notices, and the latest events at My Core Support. In each issue, we hope to celebrate every achievement and acknowledge those in our community working together to drive change and innovation within our communities.

For those who are getting to know us, we are an established NDIS service provider operating across Melbourne, Victoria. We provide services to participants aged 6 to 64 living in regional and suburban areas of Melbourne. We are a multilingual and multicultural organisation with the aim to provide services to people with disabilities from cultural and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We aim to bring real change in the way we view disability by approaching our participants with person-centred, culturally safe support solutions – making sure that every need is met.

My Core Support takes a person-centred approach to promote the provision of quality and safe supports for people with disabilities. Our aim is to ensure each participant has access to supports and services that promotes, upholds and respects individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making. My Core Support also recognizes the huge gap in accessible supports faced by participants from Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds and we aim to incorporate these issues into our practices ensuring we provide a culturally safe and responsive approach to working with CALD participants, their families, and communities to diminish uncertainty and discrimination.

We’d like to pride ourselves on how far we’ve come as an established NDIS service provider. It wasn’t always easy in the beginning but we made it happen because of the dedicated and hardworking team behind My Core Support. We believe everyone has the right to complete physical, mental, social, spiritual, economic, and political well-being. And we’re set on making that possible at My Core Support.

Our team of workers are certified, experienced and competent, they are the backbone of My Core Support and without them, we would not be able to provide the services with the way we have been. We’d like to take this time to thank all our workers for the hard work you put into working alongside our participants.

We would like to specially acknowledge Ms Sung Len, our leading support worker who continues to provide effective support to both participants as well as My Core Support. She has an exceptional record of engaging with people with disabilities who are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Ms Sung Len acts as a bridge between my core support and the Hakha chin community through her ability to speak fluent Hakha chin and English and her determination to connect with them. Her work reflects our values to empower and encourage participants to live a life they want the way they choose. Ms Sung Len, we commend your dedication and commitment to ensuring quality support and appreciate your efforts to reflect the core values of My Core Support.

We strive to set a benchmark within the disability sector for others to follow by leading by example, in delivering quality, compassionate and individualized care. All these are essential to harnessing independence, choice and control for our participants, their families, and carers.
My Core Support will continue to assess its compliance with the Terms of Business and Guide to Suitability as part of its annual self-assessment against the NIDS Practice Standards.

Send us an E-mail and book a free consultation, we are here to assist and support you 24 hours a day as well as online (until this madness ends). You can also peak at our Website to find all the info there too.


– Group /Centre Activities
– INNOV Community Participation
– Assistive prod- household tasks
– Development Life- Skills
– Daily Tasks/ Shared Living
– Assist- Travel/ Transport
– Assist Personal Activities
– Accommodation– STA, MTA, SIL, and Respite Care
– Assist Life Stage/ Transition
– Household Tasks
– Community Participation
– Assist Personal Activities high intensity

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5/12 Clarke Street, Sunshine 3020
T: +61 3 90872100, M: 0431525567
E: admin@mycoresupport.com.au
Website: www.mycoresupport.com.au

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